What to Wear for Engagement Photos

July 22, 2021

Most couples have never had professional photos taken, and it’s totally normal to feel intimidated! You want to look your best and you want to make sure you’ve got an outfit on that makes you feel like a million bucks – but this often leads to staring into the abyss of your closet and feeling like you don’t have a single thing to wear despite the dozens of garments hanging (and laying) around. To get you out of the analysis paralysis, here are my tips on what to wear for engagement photos!

What Colors to Wear for Engagement Photos

Neutral colors usually photograph best, as they don’t usually clash too hard with anything. But neutral doesn’t have to mean 50 shades of beige – it can also be forest green, navy blue, mustard yellow, or maroon. Pastels and lighter colors are great too!

I recommend avoiding neons and anything too bright, but the occasional pop of color can be a great addition! Adding a fun tie, a colorful hat, or some funky socks can bring an outfit together perfectly.

What Patterns to Wear for Engagement Photos

Of course, when deciding what to wear for engagement photos, you always want to make sure that you aren’t clashing with each other. So, I recommend sticking to one pattern – if you wear plaid, have your partner wear solid colors. 

Opt for patterns that aren’t too busy or distracting – florals, flannels, and polka dots are great! One thing to watch out for is narrow stripes, because they tend to get warped on camera. To avoid distracting from your faces, I also recommend avoiding logos and graphics.

Coordinate Your Outfits

You’ll be in these photos together – so make sure your outfits complement each other! Don’t go too matchy matchy (unless you’re going for the 80s family photo in matching T-shirts vibe), but coordinating your outfits so that the colors and patterns look good together will make a huge difference.

Wear Something That Feels Like You

Engagement photos are about capturing the two of you the way you are – so that when you look back at your photos, you remember this time in your life. When deciding what to wear for engagement photos, it can be tempting to pull out your fanciest outfit, but I recommend sticking to things you wear often. Your favorite articles of clothing, whether it’s an old pair of jeans and a band tee or a cute sundress, are your favorites because they’re comfy, and because they feel like you! Wearing these to your engagement session will make you feel way more at ease.

Think About Comfort

Getting photos taken shouldn’t be about standing stiff as a board and putting a fake smile on your face. They should be about having fun! You’ll have a much better time if you’re walking around and enjoying yourselves, and that will show in your photos.

During your session you’ll likely be twirling, running, and moving around – so wear clothes that will let you do that! You’ll get pretty sick of taking photos pretty fast if you wear something that’s too tight or that pinches weird or just feels uncomfortable, and we don’t want that! Choose some clothing you love that’s broken in and fits well.

Think About the Season

What to wear for engagement photos in the winter is going to look way different from what you wear in the summer! Be sure to consider the weather when choosing your outfit.

What to Wear for Winter Engagement Photos

Winter engagement photos can be a lot of fun – especially if there’s snow! But after a few minutes of snowball fights or ice skating or sledding, you’ll be pretty cold. Be prepared for winter photos with lots of layers, waterproof shoes, and maybe some hand warmers! Even if you don’t want a jacket on in your photos, bring it along to warm up in between.

What to Wear for Spring Engagement Photos

Early spring can still be a little chilly, so bring layers and prepare for any kind of weather. A rain jacket or umbrella is always a good choice too – I recommend a clear umbrella, because they look great in photos! 

What to Wear for Summer Engagement Photos

Summer is the most popular time for engagement photos! Depending on where you’re taking your engagement photos, you’ll need to stay cool. Opt for lighter fabrics and flowier styles, and make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to walk around in!

What to Wear for Fall Engagement Photos

Photos amongst the autumn foliage can be gorgeous, and who doesn’t love sweater weather? It might get chilly during your engagement session, so wear layers, and bring some cute fall accessories like scarves or gloves!

Bring Props

Props don’t have to be pumpkins or wooden signs – it can be things like blankets, picnic baskets, a guitar, or even your dog! Bringing these along can make your engagement session more fun, and make you feel more comfortable, as you’ll have something to do. Treat this engagement session like a date night – it’ll make you feel way more comfortable in front of the camera!

Have Options

If you’re not sure about what to wear for engagement photos, or you’re having trouble deciding, don’t be afraid to bring some options! I also recommend doing two outfits for your engagement session – one casual one, and one fancier one so that you get a variety of photos. But, don’t hesitate to bring more options and ask your photographer what they think! They’ll know what photographs best.

Be Yourselves

The most important thing you can take from these tips on what to wear for engagement photos is that you should wear whatever makes you feel good! The most important thing isn’t sticking to guidelines and color schemes, it’s feeling confident and comfortable – because this session is about you, and about capturing this exciting time in your life.

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