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Some things that get me absolutely pumped are hiking with the pups, drinking hot cocoa on a chilly night, getting cozy by a nice bonfire, and a refreshing morning yoga practice. Sometimes it's those little things like making yourself your favorite cup of tea after a long hard day, or burning your favorite scented candles that really make you feel centered and at peace.
Listen, I do what I do because every single time I hear my couples talk about their love story, my heart bursts like The Grinch's heart-o-meter. I'm unabashedly corny when it comes to love. Getting to photograph 2 people who want to celebrate spending their lives together brings me so much joy!
Your photos of your life, of your wedding, of your family are some of the only ways to connect to future generations; they represent who you are, how you were, and the love that was shared while on this earth. These memories are sacred. I remember rooting through old photographs my mom had and sifting out this very old one of my grandmother. It was a full length 8x10 of her in her wedding gown. She was STUNNING! I am the only grandchild who shared her red hair and freckles. It was so amazing to see how much we looked alike. I like to imagine my couples on their 50th anniversary swooning over their wedding photos. 
My teachers in elementary school used to say that I'm a bit of a daydreamer or that I've got my head in the clouds. Yes, it's true, I tend to daydream a bit even as an adult, but nine times out of ten, I'm dreaming about new creative projects for my photography. I'm so passionate about my art, that I am constantly thinking of new ideas, whether it be concept shoots, new unique poses, or interesting ways to use lighting. 
As far as my photography style is concerned, I'd say I lean more toward Lifestyle photography. For me this means, I take the posing that my client is giving me and lightly direct them, so that the posing is natural and not forced. I like the individual to come through the portrait. My favorite thing to capture is when a couple is completely in their own world and not even aware of the camera. I strive for that photo EVERY time. Those are once in a lifetime photos and that's what I'm all about; Capturing the real you in that special moment. That is a gift that you will cherish for a lifetime and lifetimes after that. 

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Nessy & Olive

Baby Henry

Hi! I'm Melissa. I'm the ginger haired girl in the picture; and that ruggedly handsome man twirling me is my loving and supportive husband, Ben. We are happy parents to two sweet hound mixes, Olive and Nessy... And the newest member of our family is our sweet baby boy, Henry!

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Photography by Melissa Parrott, Bliss Photos LLC